Best Restaurants in Austin, Texas with Lee McPherson

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lee McPherson at her home in Austin Texas and discuss her top 3 favorite restaurants in Austin, Texas. McPherson, managing partner of McPherson Development, is known for being an Austin foodie and visits as many new and exciting restaurants around town as possible.

Lee Freyer McPherson
Lee McPherson

Interviewer: "So, first things first, if someone is visiting Austin, what is your number one suggestion for them to have dinner?"

Lee McPherson: "Odd Duck on South Lamar! It's a unique atmosphere that encompasses everything I love about Austin. Definitely worth checking out."

Odd Duck - Lee McPherson

Interviewer: "Awesome. So let's say someone wants to go somewhere laid back for lunch on a nice sunny afternoon...Best outside eateries?"

Lee McPherson: "Contigo for sure. They have an outdoor patio and some of the best farm-fresh Texas eating in town."

Contigo Austin - Lee McPherson

Interviewer: "Let's change gears. Say you're going out for a night on the town and looking to have dinner somewhere nice. What's the best date-night dinner in Austin?"

Lee McPherson: "I can't suggest III Forks at Cesar Chavez enough. If you're looking for fine dining or a place to go on a romantic date, they are the go-to in town."

III Forks (3 Forks) - Lee McPherson

Interviewer: "Well Lee, it sounds like we have the bases covered for an awesome visit to Austin. Thank you for sitting down with me and taking the time to let me know where people should visit and eat while visiting town!"

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Lee McPherson


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